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• Property Acquisition
• Property Sales
• Home/Apartment Real Estate
• Traditional Sales
• Short Sales: Foreclosure Defense & Deed in Lieu
• Estate Planning: Wills & Trusts
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Arno & Associates founder Arno Gerbrecht is both a transactional attorney and real estate broker, which enables our team to identify problems, save you headaches, and put you in the property you want at the right price with the least amount of hassle possible. Real estate can be difficult; we can make it less so.

Arno & Associates, experts in both real estate brokerage and law, handle all aspects of the deal: property search, closing negotiations, contract review, deeds, closing paperwork, and more. We are unique in that we can handle your purchase from beginning to end: from finding the property to signing the contract while also looking for red flags, including inspection items, back taxes, encroachments, etc.